Benefits of using, refurbished networking equipment

You may find yourself confused by the term “refurbished networking equipment”.
Here is a little guide to help you understand the benefits of using pre-owned products.

Benefits of using
refurbished network equipment

You may find yourself confused by the term "refurbished network equipment,"
especially when trying to understand possible benefits of refurbishment:

"Is new not always better?"
"Does not buying used equipment take longer and involve quite a hassle?"
"Is it at all legal?"
"What are the risks associated with this solution?"
"Can I purchase OEM support on used hardware?"

What is refurbishment?

Luckily, these questions can be answered easily. With more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry, we are here to help you understand what aspects matter when you consider buying switches, routers or other pre-owned network equipment, and why purchasing refurbished ones will be a better solution.

At GHS, pre-owned IT equipment is restored to their original condition and performance. We follow very strict quality guidelines. Through our thorough reception and testing process, all data are destroyed. The hardware is checked and upgraded to the state of the art. Eventually, these restored items are cleaned, re-packaged and prepared like new products ready for delivery to you.

Benefits of using refurbished network equipment

Many times, a proven asset with a solid record is more economical and a correct fit. Pre-owned, refurbished equipment therefore may not only be a cost-effective alternative in the short-term, but also a secure long-term solution. Failure rates are reduced significantly because the equipment has already been used and tested. You can get reassured by receiving lifetime warranty for refurbished equipment and you are assisted by our technical support.

Purchasing pre-owned equipment is a perfect solution when you need end-of-life equipment that is not any longer under production. There is a great chance that we still cater for your very extraordinary desires. How? We hold extensive stock of more than 50.000 items in our warehouses. We are also your partner in spare parts management: we can ensure that you get essential spare parts so that your business operations can continue without any risk.


Reduced prices do not mean reduced performance. Each unit undergoes a strict and comprehensive re-manufacturing and testing process. All items are cleaned and packaged like new ones. Pre-owned equipment is already proven and it is a certain fit. Our refurbished equipment meets all OEM specifications.


Since the equipment has been used and tested, failure rates are significantly reduced. Trust and integrity: our #1 aspect when we do business. We always offer you a very quick solution which is personalized to your needs, and which exceeds your expectations.


Our extensive stock enables the reduction of lead times to delivery of new, pre-owned products and even for end-of-life equipment. Our extensive network and long-lasting relations enable us to find even scarce equipment and consign them to the customer within a short time frame.


You can save up to 90% off the list price of an equivalent, new equipment.
Furthermore, pre-owned equipment retains its value for a longer period than a new one.


When purchasing refurbished assets, there is no need to compromise on warranty. We offer lifetime warranty on our new and refurbished products.


Electronic waste is becoming one of the fastest growing streams of waste. Re-using network equipment reduces e-waste: good for business, good for the environment.

What GHS offers
  • 15+ years of experience in refurbishment
  • Holding extensive stock
  • Warehouses with more than 50.000 items
  • Delivery to more than 40 countries all over the world, with fast shipping
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Recycling in accordance with European WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) guidelines
  • Thousands of satisfied customers