Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Series Switch: best-in-class quality, best-in-class price

Do you need Cisco Catalyst 6880-X? GHS can deliver pre-owned C6880-X with lifetime warranty!

The Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Series Switch delivers a best-in-class Cisco Catalyst 6500 feature set in a small form factor. GHS can deliver you the C6880X from stock and support end-users with lifetime warranty. 

Check out the highlights of this small and midsize campus switch and contact us today.

Platform Scalability: This new item brings best in-class scalability and flexibility. The platform supports up to 220Gbps slot capacity per port-card. 

Security: Support for Cisco TrustSec (CTS), to provide IEEE 802.1AE MACsec encryption and role-based ACL, CoPP to prevent DoS attacks and Cisco ISE to safeguard and
manage end-to-end security for the enterprise.

Virtualization: CC6880xomprehensive suite of Virtualization features including L2/L3 VPN, full MPLS, EVN, VRF aware applications for NAT Netflow, GRE for v4/v6, L2 extensions with VPLS etc. to segment different user groups and serve unique security/QoS policy requirements of each of these diverse user groups.

Application Visibility and Control (AVC): Supports enhanced application monitoring such as Flexible and Sampled NetFlow for intelligent and scalable application monitoring.

Smart Operations: The Cisco Catalyst 6880-X supports Catalyst Instant Access, which allows an Instant Access Client to act as a remote line card of the Cisco Catalyst 6880-X, as well as Smart Install Director, which provides
zero-touch deployment of access switches.


Catalyst 6880-X

Cisco Catalyst 6880-X has just arrived in our warehouse

Though C6880-X is a relatively new product in Cisco portfolio, GHS can deliver you refurbished models with warranty.  

We have limited stock available, make sure you contact us today for the best price. To proceed with your order, ask your GHS account manager or any of our colleagues.

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We have the different models available together with all the complementary parts:

Cisco Catalyst 6880-X-Chassis (Standard Tables)


Cisco Catalyst 6880-X-Chassis (XL Tables)


Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Multi Rate Port Card (Standard Tables)


Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Multi Rate Port Card (XL Tables)


Cisco Catalyst 6880-X 3KW AC Power Supply


Cisco Catalyst 6880-X 3KW DC Power Supply


Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Fan Tray


Mandatory Air Dam set for 6880-X to meet thermal requirement


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