Cisco Catalyst 4900M: EOS? Not with GHS!

Cisco Catalyst 4900M switch will be EOS as of 30 October 2016 – as it was recently announced by Cisco.
But life does not end here…


Cisco Catalyst 4900M switch will be EOS as of 30 October 2016 – as it was recently announced by Cisco. However the 4900M, the perfect data center switch, is still very popular – for good reason. If 4900M works perfectly in your enterprise, there are other solutions than necessarily upgrading to another model. GHS can deliver you the WS-C4900M from stock and most importantly we guarantee to support you on this model in the future too.

Why Cisco Catalyst 4900M is still so popular?

It is designed for data center network top-of-rack switching and midmarket
collapsed core and aggregation layer deployment.Cisco Catalyst 4900M
•  Optimized for ultimate deployment flexibility for the data center
•  Modular flexibility of deploying Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet
•  High performance wire-speed connection
•  Supports a suite of ease-of-management features to simplify operations.

Therefore no wonder if your organization still relies on this model as the perfect building block of your networking hardware ecosystem.

We have it on stock!

We have this item on stock, thus we can deliver it for you within 4 hours! GHS can not only supply you with WS-C4900M but you can benefit from our extended warranty program. Furthermore our team of skilled technicians will be always available for you when it comes to maintenance support or any other technical question.

  • Price: € 5.395,-   (70% discount)
  • Condition: New retail
  • Warranty: Lifetime for end-users

In case you plan to order larger quantity, call us  for personalized price! To proceed with the order, contact your GHS account manager, or any of our colleagues. Let us supply you with the Cisco Catalyst 4900M on the best price with the exclusive support and warranty benefits.


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